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Day Fourteen

well, thats it. my stay is finally over. i mean, nearly, because today there'll be a last say-goodbye-to-the-austrians-bonfire on the beach and were going to eat at ruby's, probably one of the best burger restaurants ever.
and afterwards we are going to start our trip up to sanfran, including visiting cities like santa cruz, santa barbara, monterey, carmel etc. - it will be sooo much fun :D

im not going to miss my host family a lot. i mean, they were really nice but they werent like the best families ever. i liked the ones of my friends a lot better, and i think they liked me even more than my own family did. especially with my sister the relationshio got worse everyday. in the end she didnt really spoke to me any more .. weird.

whatever, i enjoyed my time at costa mesa a lot. looking back at these days in the end it makes me so happy that i got the chance to do this. i learned a lot about america, now i know what it feels like to be an american teenager and everything. i did a LOT of shopping (i already got my birthday present - ray ban L.A. sunglasses <333), went to the beach, saw different cities like balboa, newport etc. and i got to eat a lot of fast food and ice cream (cake batter with oreos, im going to miss you soooo much!)! i loved it here. goodbye costa mesa, hopefully were going to meet soon again!!

well, actually theres part of me who wants to go home right away. i just need my mom. may sound childish but ive always been mummys girl and i have such an intense relationship to her that it makes me sad thinking of her. and there is so much going on right now at home! i think she really needs me. well, she has to trade with it one more week alone. good luck, darling!!

im missing you all a lot. this is the last entry before my journey, so youre going to here from me when im back in about a week. and then, my old dear darling is awaiting you as well as a new layout yay :D
see you soon guys, i love you!
28.3.08 00:46

Day Nine

hey folks, sorry for not speaking lately! there were a lot of things going on, but finally i found the time to write the newest news:
formal was fun. really. you cannot imagine how big it was (come on, HILTON hotel :D), you can never compare it to any little school party we have at home. and the food :D we were like eating before the formal at a friend of rachel's (she's my hostsister), but at hilton they got cookies and an amazing cake, oh my gosh.. but in another way, the formal was pretty weird. the dancing was SO strange to me. all of the boys and girls seemed to think its pretty normal to dance like they are - sorry - fucking with clothes. its so slutty. some of the girls asked me surprised if i didnt dance with any boy and i was shocked like "oh my gosh of course not!"

whatever, im enjoying my time here a lot. we went shopping, eating on the beach, to the mall, we spent a whole day in los angeles (disappointing!) and in the universal studios (even more!!) and i really like living here. on sunday there was a bbq at a friends house .. gosh, we were sitting in the sun, right next to the pool with something to drink and to eat and just yelling "this is a life!" - i really really love living like this. america is a wonderful country.

finally i got to meet a LOT of people. everybody is very open and likable to you, and they really want to have a conversation with you. i already saw some more hot guys (yay!) what makes my day even better and especially after the dance we had to perform on international day everyone in school greets and knows us. im having a great time.

so, hopefully hear some news from you all too!
xoxo MARIE
22.3.08 15:39

Day Two

heeeey guys, marie finally online :D
america is the best thing in my whole life. woah. i cannot explain this, its like an experience i ever wanted to make, finally im doing it and im not surprised cause I KNEW it would be great. it is.
well, my first day was kinda awful because i was awake for nearly 26 hours and i was going to die, rly. and my sister - i really love her by the way ^^ - she was going to take me on the beach with some stupid guy who called me boring because i wasnt in party mood .. oh come on stupid, i want to see you after 26hours of travelling.

whatever, the next the it was our first day at school and it was SO COOL. i mean, rly, its like in all the movies, they have their lockers and a cafeteria and big fat kids and everything haha, and it was great. and its so odd, theyre doing absolutely nothing in school, i mean, they were just sitting around, learning things like "what is radius?" and this at the age of 16 or 17. so weird.

and we already ate our first burger :D this was something very special, also our first starbucks coffee, and i like it a lot. they have around twenty different fastfood restaurants, mostly burgers, and theyre great, rly. but the ice cream is much better, they have the most wonderful flavours you ever tasted in your whole life! woaaah im in love with this country. the fast food is amazing, but the normal food is so gross, haha.

well tonights a formal, thats like a school prom, and im soooo excited, itll be great :D
gonna hear you soon, love you all so much and hope to hear from you too

xoxo MARIE
15.3.08 19:37

Day Zero

Well, hey everybody, say hello to my temporary darling overdramatication, my personal blog fully in english while I'm in Costa Mesa, California.
I'm trying to write as often as possible during my stay but I can't promise anything, it will get hard to find the time for the internet. That's also the reason why I took a little time-out and built up this site, to have something ONLY for my trip. Hope you guys enjoy my stories :D
Woah, it's so freaking crazy. Tomorrow I'm already on my way to CM .. gosh, this is so fucking stupid strange, I still can't believe it. Would you be so kind and hit me or something? ^^ Would help me with recognizing my huge luck .. GOOOD x)
Oh and please don't be shocked, sooner or later I'm going to be too lazy to write this proper, writing in english gets much easier if you get rid of those stupid quote signs..

So, stay in touch guys, the next entry will come directly from the U.S. - yay (:

12.3.08 18:06

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